What is this site about?

Indiagiftspoint.com offers a gifting service through which you can send quality gifts to friends and families in India. This service is available for select gift items and cities in India.

Are there any delivery fee or any additional charges?

We don’t charge any additional fee for any item available for Gifting in India, the price is inclusive of shipping and delivery within India.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept payment through PapPal payment, and via cheque/DD/Cash to enable us to take orders from any part of the world.

Can you deliver my message with the gift?

Your gift message will be written on a card that accompanies your gift. Please be sure to include your personalized message at the time of placing your order in the box provided in the shopping cart.

Do you share my data with your partners for marketing?

We have a strict privacy policy. We will share only your e-mail for web marketing and promotions. All your information will be kept confidential.

How long does it take for the products to be delivered?

Flowers and cakes can be delivered within 1 to 3 days. Non-perishable gift items, which are sent by courier, take approximately 4-7 business days for the gift package to be delivered.

From where are the items bought?

Perishable products like flowers and cakes are bought from the best addresses in the delivery town, which have been renowned for their quality for years. Non-Perishable items are bought from renowned dealers in New Delhi.

How are the item delivered?

All the perishable items like cake, flowers, sweets etc. are hand delivered to the address. Renowned courier service from New Delhi (India) is used to send non-perishable items like toys etc.

When is the delivery made? Can I decide the time when the gifts will be delivered?

In case of perishables like flowers and cakes, we will try our best to accommodate any requests for specific time deliveries. However, sometimes due to inescapable conditions it is not possible to deliver gifts at a particular time. But requests for broad time zones, like morning, afternoon etc. are accepted. We cannot entertain any requests for delivery before 9 AM or after 8 PM.

How will you deliver one gift comprising of various items?

The renowned vendor from the city where the gift is to be given delivers flowers, Cakes, Sweets and Chocolates. Whereas courier service from New Delhi (India) is used to send all other items. We can not ensure delivery of perishable items like Cakes, Chocolates, Flowers, Sweets etc. along with non-perishables in one lot or at one time.

What happens if the flowers/cakes are not delivered in time?

Once you place your order, we will try its utmost to deliver the gift at the place and date you have specified. Circumstances beyond our control like difficulty in tracing the recipient’s address or natural calamities like cyclone, flood and even irritants like roadblocks and traffic jams may hinder our goal to deliver promptly. If the delay in delivery is on our part – we will refund your order. No claims for refunds can be entertained if the delay is not due to our fault or if they were caused by reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to riots, curfews, traffic or access restrictions or any situations not in our control.

What happens if the recipient is not at home when the gift arrives?

If the recipient is not at home a note is left on the recipient’s door with a local contact number, informing them of the arrival of the gift. In such case, if the recipient does not contact us or contacts us so late that the perishable gift gets spoilt, it will not be our responsibility to provide a replacement.

Do you guarantee delivery of the gifts on the date specified in the order?

The local city associates make delivery of perishables and unless there are problems caused due to Holidays (local or unexpected) or wrong address/non availability of anyone at the address or similar problems, the deliveries do not fail. In case of non-perishables, the gifts are handed over to the courier company and there can be in some cases a delay or an early delivery.

What about deliveries to Hospitals, Hotels, Marriage Halls etc. at specific times?

Requests of this kind will be handled on case-to-case basis. Most hospitals and hotels do not allow the flowers to be sent to the room.

Is delivery possible on Holidays and Sundays?

In India, it is not possible to send items through courier on Sundays and Public Holidays. However, deliveries are made either on the previous date or on the next date. In case of flowers/cakes/chocolates, efforts are made to deliver even on Sundays or Holidays. For specific cities or items, you may inquire from us in advance over E-mail about the possibility of delivery on Sunday or a Holiday. We shall promptly respond.

How do I know that the gift has been delivered on time?

We generally Mail to the Client regarding confirmation of Order and update the status of the order within 48 HRS of delivery.

What if you don’t deliver or deliver late?

Sometimes due to inescapable circumstances, orders cannot get delivered or are delivered late. In such situations we will not be liable for any claim, damages or refund. In exceptional cases and after examining all the circumstances, we may offer a refund in full or in part. Refunds given earlier to the user or to some other user on similar or different circumstances do not create any precedence or right with any customer to get or claim any refund or damages.

Can I cancel my order once the payment is made?

We strive for your complete satisfaction. Hence we waste no time in fulfilling your expectations. So any request for cancellation of orders placed shall not be entertained.

Will I get any confirmation regarding the execution of my order?

Yes, you will get two emails; one email on confirmation of order and another after the delivery is made with details of who received the gift, when and a return message from the recipient, if they decide to send one to you.

Which courier service do you employ?

We use all major courier services for delivering orders in India.